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                       ~ Lesson 2 - "even" lead turk's head knots ~







 Top: 6 lead/17 bight - #48 "hard-laid" cotton
Bottom: 5 lead/14 bight - #72 "hard-laid" cotton







6 lead/23 bight - #24 "tarred" seine line





In "Lesson 1", we learned how to make "odd" (3, 5, 7, etc.) lead turk's head knots by "expanding" 3 lead turk's head knots by using the "A-B Crossover". In "Lesson 2", we will learn to make "even" (4, 6, 8, etc.) lead turk's heads. Again, the "even" lead turk's heads are made by "expanding" smaller turk's head knots into larger turk's head knots. To begin, make a "2 lead" turk's head! ~~~~a "2 lead" turk's head is an overhand knot!!! Now all that is left is to "expand" the "bights"!






To "expand" the "bights" on the "even" lead turk's heads, simply "go under" as shown! It's that simple. You can "go under" as many times as you want depending on what you are making! (such as hatbands, etc.) To make the "6 lead/17 bight" and "6 lead/23 bight" Nantucket Sailor's Bracelets, you will "go under" either 3 or 4 times as shown!!





The working end will meet up with the standing end and a "pair" is made! **The 6 lead bracelet is made by expanding a 2 lead turk's head knot to a 4 lead turk's head knot. The 4 lead turk's head knot is then expanded to a 6 lead turk's head knot!!






You will "expand" the 2 lead turk's head knot to a 4 lead turk's head knot by using the "mule". Simply "split the pair" using the "mule"!...



6nan005.jpg the working end goes "over-one, under-one" in the "casa" style weave...



6nan006.jpg the "mule"!...



6nan007-copie-1.jpg the working end...then the "mule"!...






When the working end returns to the standing end, all that is left is to replace the "mule". This will complete the 4 lead turk's head knot. **NOTE: 4 lead Nantucket Sailor's Bracelets look very nice too!!!...However, you will want to start them off by "going under" more than 3 or 4 times!!!...I'll leave this up to you how large you want to make them!!!



...the "mule" is replaced by the working end...



When the "mule" has been replaced, you have a 4 lead turk's head knot!...






...make the "pair"...(the folks in Los Angeles had all left laughing at this point!!)...



....use the "mule" to split the "pair" turning the 4 lead turk's head knot into a 6 lead Nantucket Sailor's Bracelet!!!...-turn it "inside-out"...use the "common" seizing...snip...turn it "inside-out" again....






                                           Turk's Head Hatband
                                   by: IGKT member George Haycraft - Kentucky USA


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