TYPE 1 - 2 PASS (from a 7x6 turk's head)

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( ** = splitting the pairs (at the edge))
(*** = splitting the pairs (in the middle))

1.)  -----> U2 O1 U1 O1 U2
2.)  <----- O1 U1 O1 U2
3.)  -----> O1 U1 O1 U3**
4.)  <----- O1 U1 O1 U3**
5.)  -----> O1 U1 O1 U3**
6.)  <----- O2*** U1 O1 U3**
7.)  -----> O2*** U1 O1 U3**
8.)  <----- O2*** U2*** O1 U3**
9.)  -----> O2*** U2*** O1 U3**
10.) <----- O2*** U2*** O2*** U3**
11.) -----> O2*** U2*** O2*** U3**
12.) <----- O2*** U2*** O2*** &Out






...here is the type 1 - 2 pass pineapple knot (from a 7x6 turk's head knot)
...you start out with a 7x6 turk's head knot!!...and since it is a type 1 pineapple knot that means there will be a smaller turk's head knot woven inside the 7x6...in this case the inside turk's head will be a 5x6...
...the photos are pretty much self explanatory so you should have no
problems following them...



























































...to make the ends disappear you first thread the standing end into the middle of the knot...









...then you thread the working end into the middle of the knot...









...do the same thing with the inside turk's head...
...after you have tightened the knot the last thing you will do is to snip the ends as close to the knot as you can and push them inside the knot...the ends will completely disappear!!...you might think that getting rid of the ends of a pineapple knot is
hard but it is very easy...and the bigger the pineapple knot the easier it is to get rid of the ends!!...






...here is the finished type 1 - 2 pass pineapple knot!!...
...all of the type 1 pineapple knots follow these same basic rules and you should have no problem making them in all sizes!!!....

KNOT CHALLENGE!: can you now tye a type 1 - 2 pass pineapple knot (from a 9x8 turk's head knot?!...or a "long" type 1 - 2 pass pineapple knot (from say a 13x6 or 15x6
turk's head knot)??...(to make the 9x8 you just use the mule on the 7x6!!...)....you should now be able to make these knots with no "O-U-O-U" instructions?!!...just use
the "rules" to making type 1 pineapple knots!!...

...((the one important thing to keep in mind when making these type 1 pineapple knots is to remember that with some turk's head knots the inside turk's head cannot be tyed!...for example: the 11x6 outside turk's head will have a 9x6 turk's
head --which can't by tyed!!...))
**...(actually they can all be tyed!!...but you have to use 2-3 interwoven turk's head knots to accomplish this!!..there is a list/chart of these in one of the latest Knotting Matters!!)






...this is a type 1 - 2 pass pineapple knot (from a 7x6 turk's head knot) made with kangaroo lace!





...these dog leads used "long" turk's head knots as the outside knot...i did not need the O-U-O-U directions to make these knots!!....i just used the "rules" and these knots were easy to tye!!...






...these were made from 17x6 and 13x6 outside turk's head knots...the interweaves were made just by following the "rules" of making type 1 pineapple knots...











Des Pawson's Knot Craft: 28 Ropework Projects
ISBN-10: 0713681500
ISBN-13: 978-0713681505

....this book has an excellent explanation of how to make "long" turk's head knots...Des shows how to make "long" 4 bight turk's head knots in a very simple way!!....(!!...once you have made the 4 bight turk's heads you simply use the "mule" to expand them to 6 bight turk's head knots!!)....

...and of course the Tom Hall books also have excellent explanations of all turk's head knots and how to expand them...and also instructions for many pineapple knots....

...the braiding books on the Hought site are excellent!




...and Round Knots and Braids by Ron Edwards is amazing!!!...

...i hope you now understand how the type 1 - 2 pass pineapple knots work!!...




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