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                                                       ~ Wee Light House Knot ~







Diagram 2
The tools used to make the Wee Light House Knot are the same tools used to make the "Fishing Hat Pins". To make the WLHK, use 1.4mm venetian blind cord. Cut:
6 @ 28"
1 @ 28" (remove core on this one cord)
(these 28" cords are long enough to make a WLHK and matching Star Knot pin!)
...tye the ends with dental floss and melt the ends together with a BIC lighter. Melt and taper the other 6 ends using a BIC lighter and the "self-threading" needle.






Diagram 3
You will use "miniature baseball bats" to form the WLHK. (you can find these baseball bats at Michaels. They come with miniature baseballs and I use the baseballs as a core for these "zipper pull/backpack fob" knots. These are 5x4 turk's heads).







Diagram 4
I use a pocket knife to cut the end off the bat. (cut anywhere along the black line depending on how long you want to make the WLHK) I use the pocket knife to scrape off some of the wood at the end of the bat. Scrape approximately the width of a piece of paper all the way around. As it is, the bat is a little too big for the WLHK. It only takes a minute to cut the end off and scrape the end of the bat.






Diagram 5
Start making the Star Knot and the necklace cord (core removed) is added immediately. It goes in the knot and tye a couple of knots on the ends (so you don't accidently pull it through later!)





Diagram 6
Make a Star Knot.






Diagram 7
Make the bottom part of the Star Knot.






Diagram 8
Here you will adjust the lengh of the necklace cord. (I make mine approximately 12"(+-) from the top of the Star Knot) I then sew the two cords together using a sewing needle and dental floss. Then I melt the two cords together with a BIC lighter or a paper match.






Diagram 9
Pull the end inside the doubled Star Knot. It will disappear!






Diagram 10
Make a Matthew Walker Knot.






Diagram 11
Now it is "over 1" crown hitching. I have found that "over 2" crown hitching does not work for this knot! Continue with the "over 1" crown hitching up to the point on the end of the bat where you feel it will look right!
No two Light Houses look alike!





Diagram 12
Now you will make a "7-lead" Footrope Knot. Instead of going "over 1, under 1" to make the 5-lead Footrope Knot, you will go "over 1, under 1, over 1, under 1" (from the wall knot)...I have made these with 5-lead Footrope Knots, but I think the 7-lead Footrope Knot looks a little nicer! Finish off the Footrope Knot. Add a bead!






Diagram 13
~ All Done! ~






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